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Thursday, March 23, 2017

We Trust the Experts in Quality, Safety, and Nutrition #WeBelieveInNB

**This post is sponsored by NaturalBalance® and the BlogPaws® Professional Pet Blogger Network™.  I am being compensated for helping to share our thoughts about why we believe in Natural Balance as a quality food for our dogs.  Bichonpawz only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.  Natural Balance Pet Foods is not responsible for the content of this article.**

One of the reasons we chose to begin the journey with Natural Balance® back in November 2016 was because we discovered after researching all the different brands that Natural Balance shared many of our own values!  Their "Buy With Confidence"® promise comes from many years of experience creating premium pet food.  It means a lot to us that they believe every bowl should be nutritious and safe...yet taste great too!!

Natural Balance crafts their premium foods out of quality ingredients.  Chloe and LadyBug just love the taste of the Wild Pursuit™ Trout, Salmon Meal, and Tuna Dry Dog Formula.  Natural Balance Wild Pursuit is a grain free diet with elevated levels of protein.  It resembles what our dogs would eat if they were out in the wild.  We absolutely will continue to feed Natural Balance for several reasons!  The flavors are derived from nature...NO artificial flavors.  Natural preservatives such as fish products and oils are included in the food...NO chemical preservatives.  Many food sensitivities are caused by corn, wheat, and soy.  Natural Balance guarantees they never use these items in their food.  They also guarantee that they don't use chicken or poultry by-products.  Some pets can be extra sensitive to grains and Natural Balance has taken that into consideration also by offering lots of grain-free choices in their food product line, as well as their treat product line.

Strict safety testing in accredited laboratories is performed on each and every single batch of food and treats that carry the Natural Balance name.  They actually perform NINE safety tests on each batch of food and treats.  I guess if we really think about it, how else could they guarantee that these premium quality ingredients would stay that way from the factory to our kitchens??  Every single test is conducted by chemists and microbiologists.  I won't go into all of the details of what each of the tests entails.  Suffice it to say that in-depth testing is performed for Aflatoxin, Cyanuric Acid, Vomitoxin, Shiga Toxin Producing Escherichia Coli, Fumonisin, Melamine, Ochratoxin, Salmonella, and Zearalenone.  Now, if all that doesn't make you feel as good about purchasing Natural Balance as we do, we're not sure what will!!

The results of all of these tests are available publicly...just go to their website and enter the product date code and info and you'll get the results right away!

The Natural Balance Buy With Confidence guarantee is based upon four core beliefs:

2) Nutrition Experts

There are several different varieties of Natural Balance that Chloe and LadyBug consume on a daily basis.  Among their favorites (besides the food) are Belly Bites, Delectable Delights, Dental Chews, and Mini Rewards.  The Mini Rewards work great for inserting in their indoor puzzle games...the pieces are very small, chewy, and fit nicely in each of their games!

It is very difficult, if not impossible, for us to pick the most important core belief we share with Natural Balance because it is not just one thing.  It is a combination of all of the core beliefs that Natural Balance has.  It is SO important, especially in today's world, to KNOW for sure that the food we are feeding our furry family members is the exact food that is guaranteed to be safe and nutritious and is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Thank you, Natural Balance!!  We wish more companies felt the same level of commitment to their customers as you do!

We are currently rotating between Wild Pursuit, Delectable Delights, and the Dog Food Rolls.  Chloe and LadyBug are fans of all three...and they do prefer variety in their diet!!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

In Memory of Sugar The Golden Retriever of Golden Woofs

Sugar was one of our first blogging friends and we cherish all of the time we spent getting to know her and her mom throughout all these years. have left a piece of you in every single one of us and Blogville will always remember you.

We will miss every single GOLDEN hug and GOLDEN moment we shared together...

Our hearts go out to Sugar's family at this difficult time.

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Monday, March 20, 2017
Thursday, March 16, 2017

Baby Chicks Have Arrived!!

Baby Chicks Video!!

I stopped but Tractor Supply the other day to see if the baby chicks had arrived and guess what?  They had!!  So, we know
Spring is not too far away!!
Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Book Review: #TLC Book Tours #Loyal

I just finished reading the recently published book, "Loyal". 

It is the most heart-warming collection of stories featuring beloved canines who have worked side by side with soldiers and cheered up kids and adults alike!

There are thirty-eight inspiring tales of devotion, bravery, and heroism in this book written by Rebecca Ascher Walsh. These stories are profoundly emotional.

Let me give you a few examples of some of the heroes this book details...

Chaney:  A Labrador Retriever who, with his handler/soldier, set IED detection records in Afghanistan and is now enjoying retirement together with his owner.

Klinger:  A German Shepherd who works as a guide dog with his former marine/marathon runner.

Elle:  An American Pit Bull Terrier from North Carolina who assists adults in overcoming their fear of dogs.

Ecko:  A Black Lab who is not only his partner's "eyes", but also his muse!

Scout:  A German Wire-Haired Pointer who is a mascot and community builder for the citizens of Boise, Idaho.

Bandit:  A 150 pound Great Dane who spends his days earning patches for his work at the USO while lifting soldier's spirits.

Riley:  A Labrador Retriever who works for the Search Dog Foundation searching for remains.

Wyatt:  A Rhodesian Ridgeback who helps detect diseases and works with his owner all over the country vetting firefighters.

Lyric:  A Beagle who works for the USDA Beagle Brigade detecting contraband at the San Juan Airport.

Bell:  A Labradoodle whose presence assists a former Army Colonel with PTSD.  Bell works with Patriot Paws, an organization that trains service dogs for veterans.

Zeke:  A Belgian Malinois who works with the Harrisburg, PA Police Department.  He has assisted his handler in recovering drugs, money, and firearms.

Zoey:  A Golden Retriever in Colorado who is a University-Employed Comfort Dog.  She is trained to be of service to the community.  Her presence in counseling sessions makes the students feel more relaxed and facilitates conversations.

Drago:  A Spinone Italiano who lives in Connecticut with his family.  He is a Certified Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs International and spent a lot of time at the Sandy Hook Elementary School comforting students, teachers, and staff after the mass shooting.

Judge:  A Czech Shepherd who works with the West Deptford Police Department in New Jersey and has assisted in apprehending 152 suspects, and helped to recover 3 stolen vehicles, 3 firearms, and approximately $47K in reputed drug money.

Mitchell:  A Labrador Retriever in Illinois who gives encouragement and emotional support to children who are victims of abuse.

Glory:  A Bloodhound in California who is trained to assist in finding missing pets and people.

Kai:  A Labrador Retriever in Texas, who is trained as an accelerant detector.  Kai has participated in more than 200 fire and bomb investigations.

About Loyal

• Hardcover: 160 pages
• Publisher: National Geographic (March 7, 2017)

This special collection of dog stories and photographs features four-legged heroes who have worked side by side with soldiers, searched the wreckage of natural and man-made disasters, changed families' lives through emotional support, and administered aid around the world and at home in the United States. Heartwarming photographs and touching anecdotes bring to life thirty-eight caring canines who have served the people who mean the most to them, from a German Shepherd who leads a blind man on his marathon training mission to a belly rub-loving Sheltie who supports at-risk youth in the classroom. For anyone who has experienced the extraordinary affection of a dog, Loyal is a lasting celebration of the joys of canine companionship.

I found this book to be a very inspiring read and one that I highly recommend!  It is especially heartwarming to read that so many of the dogs used in the book for medical detection, search and rescue, hospital or prisoner therapy were actually shelter dogs in their former lives.

I sincerely enjoyed this book and I hope you will too.

Rebecca Ascher-Walsh is a journalist who has also written Devoted:  38 Extraordinary tales of love, loyalty, and life with dogs.  She volunteers at a high-kill shelter in Manhattan and is a founding director of the Deja Foundation, an organization devoted to raising funds for the care of rescue dogs.

To purchase her books, please visit:

Purchase Links: National Geographic | Amazon | Barnes & Noble